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Banner features British actor Henry Cavill as Melot in Tristan + Isolde. (Screencap courtesy of keli)

I only make icons that I would use myself. I like subtle, clean looking icons, so these aren't at all flashy.

If you see something here you like, please feel free to use it. Just be sure to follow the rules.


-If you're snagging an icon, remember comments=major love! I love knowing that someone else is enjoying these.

-If using an icon, please credit to stellar_raven or icons_by_jenn.

-Blank icons are NOT bases.

-Hotlinking is bad...very bad.

-Please WATCH, the community. :)

-Icons can be used on other sites besides LJ as long as credit is given somewhere.

Most of the graphics are made using PhotoImpact X3 and PhotoScape with some of the older ones made using PI8.

Image Resources:

Elisabeth-Musical.org (Tons and tons of great pictures here!)
sittingstill.net (A fantastic site, with gorgeous high quality Red Sox pictures.)
Wikimedia Commons
Silent Ladies & Gents
Tomb Raider Chronicles

(I'll be adding to this list as time permits.)

Texture Credits (used either on graphics posted here or 'by request' graphics.)


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